What I Can Do for You

Here’s what I can do for you:

1. Tutoring at its most efficient: helping you to learn what you want – and to enjoy it!

I offer private tutoring services for I.T., Computer Science and Mathematics topics. Check out my teaching and tutoring experience, my qualifications and my projects. And check out my blog too! Then, just drop me an email and I’ll get back to you within 48 hours maximum.

Please note that I offer tutoring services only to students that I can truly help. Some students will benefit most from my expertise, approach and methods and its those students that I want to work with. Therefore, I’ll want first to talk to you to understand whether my tutoring services will be indeed a fit for you.

2. Help with learning

I love to learn – and I can help you love it too, as I’ll make it easier for you. I have even more experience learning than teaching/tutoring (hey, I first had to learn before I could teach, right?), so I know a lot about how to learn and how to do it more efficiently and with better results. I know a lot about getting stuck and how to get unstuck too!  So let me know where you are with your learning and what are you struggling with or unsure about and I’ll help you with it.

Depending on what you need, I can help  you with evaluations, feedback, revisions, pointers, techniques, writing, ideas and many more. No matter what your current challenge is, I’ll first aim to thoroughly understand your learning situation, then I’ll identify the main issues that are holding you back and ways to address those issues.

As with tutoring, my approach benefits most some students and it’s those I will work with. I’d love to hear from you!


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