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A Party Called My Party – by Elliot Rodger and his spellchecker

Despite not only reading but actually counting all1 of the truly tragic2 sentences¬† that Elliot and his only-friend-who-still-betrayed-him, the spellchecker3, somehow managed to write (of sorts), it turns out upon closer investigation that Mircea Popescu might have still missed a few. Or a lot. Some. Sentences, I mean. Enfin, it must be the tall blonde […]

Cetatea Neamtului

Cetatea Neamtului is literally a fortress in Romania. Like any fortress worth the mention, it inevitably created stories, legends and the like. And since I’ve been recently reminded of one of the most heroic-style legends1 spawned by this particular fortress, I just had to note here for all to see, a quite different version of […]

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