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The Impossible Chances

In this world of recycled cardboard and stained plastic that shines for a second and litters for the rest of eternity, the proposition of a new sort of hero – even as a fancy exercise only – is quite pleasant really. So let’s consider this mythological hero who is “foretold to be buried in the […]

The Coolest Guide to Coolness, Riches, Ginger and Spice

Really, who the fuck reads guides to being cool rich? I mean really reads it, in the sense of actually getting to be ever so slightly someone else as the last word sinks in. Oh, I can already picture the whole army of millionaires who got there because they *read* a guide and they did all […]

Intellectually Fit as Socially Misfit

All around me, people are running, exercising, keeping track of calories gulped down and kilograms built up. Keeping “fit” (or struggling to, at least in intent) is already more than socially acceptable – it’s socially required. Alas, there is no similar requirement when it comes to being intellectually fit: nobody seems to mind lazy brains […]

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