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Quest for the Crafty Noob

Eulora is this game where players get to actually do… everything. Even give quests to other players, when they want to and as (or if!) they like it. No more “bring me 7 rats’ tails and I’ll give you a rat’s ass” a la every other RPG out there but good old fashioned elder talking1: […]

Basic toolchain for Blender – Cal3d – Crystal Space

Only 2 days ago I was cobbling together a basic Cal3d+Crystal Space viewer of sorts for people to be able to test their Cal3d exported work to see if it’s of any use for Eulora. Well, 2 days around here turns out to be a very long time indeed, as meanwhile it seems that we […]

Ordinary trouble of an Euloran explorer

(This could certainly be a whole category of troubles Foxy’s bloody diary, if only there were categories to all the trouble.) As a seasoned explorer of Eulora, maker of maps and of bots and of whatnots, Foxy knows where to search to find troublePetrified Bubbles, Dead Molluscs or other things of that sort. In a […]

The Sentiments of Grass

(This could be – but nobody knows for sure anymore – another page out of that half-eaten Diary that Foxy used to keep. It all starts with pains and names and all that.) Since its early days of broken Maths and painful cooking, Eulora has certainly grown up in leaps and bounds – or rather […]

Happy 1st Anniversary, Foxybot!

While patting my reportedly very well-behaved bot on its neat and tidy state machines, I stumbled upon the proof of its inception in all its memorable words, one year and a few days ago: diana_coman: and yeah, I am making progress on a bot to do it since yest; since I will never do that […]

Craft-Table Tourism with Foxybot 1.4

If you haven’t yet seen Foxy dragging around a craft-table as part of her new drop/explore/build/take/move/drop ritual, it’s only because you haven’t been looking at Eulora lately1. So better go and grab yourself the latest client2, start compiling it and while it compiles, come back and read the story of the little bot that could […]

Coordinate Eulometry (or Tomb of the Dead Mollusc)

In the green and unforgiving world of Eulora, I am an explorer and mapmaker through necessity more than anything else (is there anything else?). As a result, I have made and even published maps and location of resources, but lo and behold, people want more! More of what? Well, more information and more useful things […]

Foxy’s Musings on Click-Slaves vs Apprentices and Their Choices

As a noob on Eulora, you don’t have a clue – but you still have a choice. The choice being of course between losing – both your money and your chance at cracking up the only game that could actually pay you a living at some point1 – and winning. Winning or more precisely actually […]

Making Patterns on Euloran Soil

(This is some day like all the others in Foxy Foxster’s diary on an island with more trees than people.) One day, Foxy Foxster1 got bored of scribbling in her diary and of sifting through loads and loads of data collected by her ever perky Foxybot. So she plotted the data instead, basically creating cave-art. […]

Euloran Cookbook V1.2

Cooking in Eulora proves to be a very satisfying way of burning down samovars1 – alas, they don’t go down in flames and smoke when totally worn-out, but that’s for another day, I suppose. Anyway, over these last few days, I’ve been boiling molluscs, eggs, shiny rock shards and whatnot – all of rather dubious […]

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