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First Timings of a Basic RSA-tron

Forced by the blunt but all mighty forces of necessity, I’ve spent most of the past month reading a bit more on the Maths underpinning all cryptography and otherwise digging deep into the guts of the miserable-but-we-don’t-have-any-better Gnu Privacy Guard 10. The goal of this yet another stable cleaning was to extract from the shit […]

Primorials Calculation

There was recently a request for calculating and posting “largest primorial”1 fitting a certain number of bits2. Calculating one primorial is not a big deal in itself of course, but it still offers plenty of space to either polish or cobble together some code. The obvious potential trouble is that primorials get very big very […]

O Brave New Code

…that has such people into it. – ‘Tis new to thee. – O, wonder! The coding of our days ’tis like no other for it is social now so it is great and beautiful indeed! Gone are the terse and subtle algorithmic scribblings that hurt the puny, untrained mind with their crystal clarity of thought […]

Bundling with Foxybot

The ever useful Foxybot got shot a bit in one of its many legs at the last euloran update – previously fixed and reliable lists of ingredients turned all flighty and fickle, with ingredient numbers changing even as one crafts. As a result, automated craft runs can turn into a bit of a pain to […]

The open sores of monkey code

The signs were there plain and clear from the very beginning, as they always are. Signs of trouble, of curse. Of what else could signs ever be? It really is only insanity, misery and ineptitude that scar the fabric of the world so much as to leave signs at all, after all. Sanity, happiness and […]

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