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EuCrypt Chapter 3: Miller-Rabin Implementation

~ This is part 4 of the EuCrypt series. Start with Introducing Eucrypt. ~ Primality testing1 is a key part of any implementation of RSA2 and therefore a key part of EuCrypt as well. At first glance, there is a wide choice of primality tests that one can use, from naive direct divisions in search […]

EuCrypt: Correcting MPI Implementation

~ An unexpected part of the EuCrypt library series. Start with Introducing EuCrypt. ~ This is a sad but necessary interruption in the EuCrypt series itself: although coming immediately after chapter 2, this is not chapter 3 at all, I’m sorry to say. Instead of adding another useful part of smg-rsa as the actual chapter […]

My Reference Code Shelf

Reading code is a pain or a gain, depending on whose1 code you read, of course. And while I had a rather significant share of pain since my recent return to programming a few years ago, I recently enjoyed as well some gains. Reading code is quite like reading literature in this respect really, except […]

EuCrypt Chapter 2: A Source of Randomness

EuCrypt uses as source of randomness the Fuckgoats auditable TRNG (True Random Number Generator) from S.NSA (No Such lAbs). The choice here was made very easy by a basic combination of facts: on one hand, EuCrypt needs an actual, auditable source of randomness1 as opposed to anything else, pseudo-random generators included; on the other hand, […]

Introducing EuCrypt

EuCrypt is a self-contained library that Eulora server will use for its communication needs. EuCrypt has the following 5 main components: smg-comm – the implementation of the basic client-server communication protocol. This makes use of all the other components, namely: smg-serpent – the symmetric cipher that is used by smg-comm for everyday message exchanges between […]

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