Happy 1st Anniversary, Foxybot!

While patting my reportedly very well-behaved bot on its neat and tidy state machines, I stumbled upon the proof of its inception in all its memorable words, one year and a few days ago:

diana_coman: and yeah, I am making progress on a bot to do it since yest; since I will never do that again by hand for sure

That promised progress was indeed made, that click-frustration was indeed channeled into code and one year later Foxybot tirelessly works in Eulora for everyone and anyone who can actually read. And for those who can’t, it just waits there in the background with the endless patience that might simply be indifference all the same. It waits nevertheless one single command line away, always ready to help, never taking over. As far as I can see, its wait is long with many noobs, its usefulness is fully appreciated by the veterans1, its benefits are just as well reversed in the wrong hands. One player reportedly fucked up all his rather expensive exploration tools (chetty sticks) by setting up the bot with the wrong timeout – and not even checking on it apparently. In the player’s own words: “Yep, i fucked up pretty gud“. All in all, a happy bot existence if there ever was one.

Born out of frustration on the murky shores of euloran client code one year ago, Foxybot grew from a simple tinkerer of sorts to master of exploration too2. Some people suggested it might even be a deity of the land, worthy of a cult of its own. It cooked countless items in people’s samovars and it tinkered all sorts on their craft-tables, in their bandar toolkits,  lapidary tables and what-nots. It made maps for Foxy, it found the famed Dead Molluscs, the infamous Slithy Tove and the rare Petrified Bubble. It brought exploration to a whole new level when it started using the craft-table to avoid mixing qualities and to work around the weight limitations of its masters. And close to its first anniversary, it made it into client release full and proper, a most useful and most used part of the game itself.

Happy first anniversary, Foxybot! May you always remain true to your best description so far:

mircea_popescu: people used to do this for a long time by hand lol

May you grow and learn forever more!

And as a present from Foxybot to all its euloran users, here’s a fragment of an old, old map on which the secret hiding place of molluscs was first revealed:


Can you find out the coordinates of the purple spots that are the molluscs? There’s a patch of shed snakeskins (top left) that might help you locate this on the larger map. Good luck!


  1. There are many examples scattered among the logs, such as this: “it’s a huge boon for miners“. And some reports of quite effective use by previously rather reluctant adopters.  

  2. In other people’s words: “foxybot with pickaxes is fucking epic“ 

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